Company introduction

Shenzhen guangbaili Electronics Co.,Ltd. is an independent distribution organization specializing in the sales and service of semiconductor integrated circuits. The company was founded in 2003. After years of hard work by employees and strict management by the company,it has become the main force in the distribution of electronic components in China. It has won the recognition and trust of customers with its absolute price advantage and ultra short delivery time. The main brands of the company are ad,ATMEL,Altera,Xilinx,ti/bb,Fairchild,St,Philips,NXP,IR,on,NSC,sharp,Toshiba,Vishay,Tyco te. The products are mainly used in it,communication,security,aerospace,control system,automobile,medical treatment,satellite digital TV,instrument and home appliance control and other fields. The company has customers all over the world. The company has a professional service team led by a doctor,strict quality management and excellent technical support services. All the goods provided by the company are original and authentic. In 2013,the company was awarded the most innovative potential award in China by the Chinese electronics industry,and was also rated as an excellent supplier by many factory customers.


The long-term operation has enabled the company to fully understand the updating and upgrading of electronic products. For the urgent needs of customers, the company has prepared a large number of common spot and off-site IC inventories, and has established good supply channels in the Americas, Europe, Asia and other places.